500+ Two Line Shayari In Hindi 2019 (दो लाइन शायरी)

Two line shayari in hindi are something everyone are using either in WhatsApp status or FB updates. Short 2 line shayari to melt every heart with feelings of love and care. These दो लाइन शायरी consists fit for all mood, including romantic, dard, love, attitude & Pyar types. You can also check out our list of other as well like Pyar Bhari Shayari in Hindi.

Here we’ve some of the best yet amazing 2 line Shayari in Hindi & English font to show your feelings. We’ve covered all the genre with the shayaris, may it be love, on life, breakup or attitude we’ve two line Shayari in Hindi for it. We recommend you to bookmark this page, our panel of writers keep this page updated with new unique Hindi 2 line Shayari daily. Without any further ado, let’s see some दो लाइन शायरी (short two line shayari), shall we?

Two Line Shayari – 2 Line Shayari In Hindi 2019

two line shayari in Hindi 2019

Paaon Ke LadKhadane Pe To Sabki Hai Najar,
Sar Pe Kitna Bojh Hai Koi Dekhta Nahin.

2 line shayari hindi

Sitam Ye Hai Ke Humari Safon Mein Shamil Hain,
Charaag Bujhte Hi Khema Badlne Wale Log.

two line dard shayari hindi

Ek Rasta Yeh Bhi Hai Manzilon Ko Paane Ka,
Seekh Lo Tum Bhi Hunar Haan Mein Haan Milane Ka.

do line shayari photos & images

Jab Tak Tha Dam Mein Dam Na Dabe Aasmaan Se Hum,
Jab Dam Nikal Gaya Toh Zameen Ne Dabaa Liya.

2 Line Shayari In English

romantic 2 line shayari hindi

Iss Jahan Mein Kab Kisi Ka Dard Apnate Hain Log,
Rukh Hawa Ka Dekh Kar Aksar Badal Jate Hain Log.


Bhare Baajaar Se Aksar Main Khali Haath Aata Hun,
Kabhi Khwahish Nahi Hoti Kabhi Paise Nahi Hote.


Ghar Sajaane Ka Tasawwar Toh Bahut Baad Ka Hai,
Pehle Yeh Tay Ho Jaye Ke Iss Ghar Ko Bachayein Kaise.

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